Mimamsa Rules and Guidelines


Format of Mimamsa 2022

Registering for Mimamsa 2022

  • There is NO entry fee to participate in Mimamsa 2022
  • Last date for registering is 13th February, 2022.
  • Each team will register as a team of three(or) four students. No lesser than 3 students or greater than 4 students per team will be allowed. All members of a team must belong to the same college. Each participant can only register in 1 team.
  • Each team participant will have to provide their own unique email-id. These email-ids are used for identification of and communication with the participants.
  • One of the team members is required to fill in the team’s college details and unique email-ids of ALL team members. Following which, all the team members will receive a link on their email-ids to fill in their personal details. Note that there are TWO steps for registration - 1) One (and only one) team member fills the college details and email-ids for all the participants and 2) All the participants fill in their personal details through the links they receive on their respective email-ids.
  • Please make sure that your team doesn’t have changes to the members once the team is verified. We will consider only exceptional requests via email.
  • You will be given a team id upon team registrtion, please remember this id as this will be used as an identification for you team.
  • Your team will only be able to participate in prelims if all members have given their personal details.

Prices and Qualification

  • Each participating team would be awarded a certificate.
  • Cash prices would be awarded in the following fashion:
  • Position Mimamsa Winner First Runner Up Second Runner Up Third Runner Up Subject Toppers Zonal Topper
    Cash Prize (Per Team) ₹ 50,000 ₹ 25,000 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 4,000 ₹ 2,000
  • Special sponsored cash prices would be awarded to top female-only teams*.
  • Zonal Toppers
    Colleges all over the country are grouped into 20 zones, based on location. The groupings are made to ensure fair competition. The team with the highest score in Prelims, amongst all teams of its zone, qualifies as the zonal topper.

    Subject Toppers
    Teams getting the highest score, amongst all the teams, in a particular subject, and greater than zero marks in all the subjects- in Prelims; qualify as subject toppers for that subject.

    Qualifying to Mains
    Top four teams from Prelims belonging to different colleges proceed to Mains. For example, if the set of top six teams (in descending order of marks) is: team1 (college A), team2 (college B), team 3 (college B), team 4 (college C), team 5 (college D), team 6 (college E), then teams 1,2,4 and 5 qualify for Mains.
    Teams qualifying to Mains are required to have 4 members. In case a team of 3 members qualify for Mains, they are supposed to bring in a 4th member who must fulfill the following criteria:
    (a)Must be studying in the same college as the other 3 members are
    (b) Must have been eligible to attend prelims/ have attended prelims
    (c) Must not be part of any other team that has qualified for Mains (No team exchanges shall be entertained).
    However, the final discretion remains in the hands of Team Mimamsa.

Communication with Team Mimamsa

  • All the team members will receive email notifications.
  • The email-id and phone number of Participant 1 will be used for further interactions about the competition. Other email-ids will be reserved for later purposes and will also receive promotional emails.
  • Other Instructions will be given in due course of time; and also please keep checking your e-mails and our social media sites for more information.
  • Any queries regarding Mimamsa or regarding registering for Mimamsa 2022, can be directed to