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Mimamsa 2022 Prelims Results announced.

About Mimamsa

Mimamsa is a National level annual Science Quiz organized by the students of IISER Pune for students at the undergraduate level. The 14th edition of the competition is to be held in 2 stages- Prelims and Mains. The Prelims - a written online exam with sections from the 4 major disciplines of Science namely Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics;The top teams selected through the Prelims would move on to Mimamsa Mains, which is comprised of brain-racking quizzing sessions, in person, spread over an entire weekend on IISER Pune campus. The questions are designed to investigate, rather than to simply arrive at an answer, and specifically to promote debate and discussion among teams and the judges. Mimamsa is arguably one of the toughest Science Quizzes at the Undergraduate Level, and tests the concepts of its participants, rather than simply facts, leading its witnesses to go back to the basics and unravel the science behind the science we study.

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Journey of Mimamsa

Mimamsa was conceptualised and founded by Dr. Sutirth Dey - a faculty member in the Biology Department at IISER Pune. The underlying philosophy behind the quiz lies in putting forth arguments and counter-arguments; to arrive at an answer based on deduction and logic, and to debate upon the answers given by other teams. The belief is that questions in science do not demand correct answers - they require original thinking.


Exciting prizes to be won

The Winners of Mimamsa will receive the Mimamsa Trophy and all the Finalists will receive mementos. Prizes worth 1,15,000+ will be awarded to the Finalists and Subject Toppers. The distribution of prizes is as follows:
Winner :- Rs 50,000
First Runner Up :- Rs 25,000
Second Runner Up :- Rs 15,000
Third Runner Up :- Rs 10,000
Nationwide Subject Toppers :- Rs 4,000 each
Zonal Toppers :- Rs 2,000 each
Merchandise for all Finalists.


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