Chemistry Brief Thought 1


“Hi! I'm Aditya part of the Chemistry Mimamsa Team. Do you want me to give you a
glimpse of how Mimamsa questions work?”

“It started when I came across this interesting group of supramolecules called Rotaxane, have
you heard of them?
Rotaxanes are non-biological molecular machines, and are used as molecular switches. They
are mechanically interlocked molecular architectures consisting of a “dumbbell-shaped
molecule" which is threaded through a “ring-shaped molecule". The dumbbell and ring-shaped
molecules are bound by some non-covalent interactions like hydrogen bonding, dipole
interactions, electrostatic interactions etc.”

“Now let's look at an example of this molecule. Look at the illustration below.
It seems scary but don't worry! We will have fun with this molecule.
Look at the different coloured parts of the molecule.

The ring-shaped molecule (shown in green) can bind via hydrogen bonding with the
dumbbell-shaped molecule (shown in black) at either A or B (shown in blue).
There is also a side branch attached to the dumbbell-shaped molecule (shown in red) which is
blocking the movement of the ring from A to B. Note that the –CH(Ph)2 group is very bulky
. So, the ring-shaped molecule cannot come out from the dumbbell-shaped molecule."
“This illustration of it will give you more information about it.
over the coloured parts. There’s also a hint to help you”

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